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Carrot Bread Two Ways

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Carrot Bread Two Ways

I had made a tasty carrot bread with spices before and wanted to do the same, but this time I thought I'd make two separate doughs and laminate them together. I did one white dough autolysed with carrot juice and a mostly whole grain dough autolysed with water.  After autolyse, I added about 100g of shredded carrot to the carrot dough.

I added cumin/chipotle powder/coriander to one loaf during lamination and I added raisins and toasted walnuts to the other. 

These loaves didn't look like much after the bake and I was disappointed, but I'm very happy with the crumb and taste. I think this is one of the better breads I've made given that it's about 40% whole grain. The crumb is extremely soft!

20% starter (or 10% pre-fermented flour) 

Started hydration at 80% and added a bit of water along the way 


whole wheat16%
Rye calc7%
Bread flour calc61%




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And that crumb is to die for. I love your idea of laminating the two doughs. Does the carrot flavour come through?

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I think when I've done carrot, squash, sweet potato, and beet breads they've all added a nice flavor, but not strong enough that you could really identify the vegetable added. I wonder if there's a good way to intensify the carrot flavor. I did have a bit of roasted carrot leftovers that I threw in to one of the loaves. I think it would be nice to add a bit more next time.