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Overnight 40% whole wheat sourdough

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Overnight 40% whole wheat sourdough

This is the exact same dough as in , however, demonstrating different scheduling. The dough is mixed in advance and after two or three folds, stored for a day or two in the fridge. It does not rise much in the fridge and a container about twice the initial size should suffice. The dough is ready about 5 hours after it is removed from the fridge. Surprisingly, the taste is very similar to the same day version despite the long retardation period.

150 gr 100% hydration starter made of A/P flour
238 gr A/P flour
203 gr whole wheat flour
10 gr salt
290 gr water at room temperature or colder

Day 1
1.    Mix well flours and salt
2.    In a separate bowl, mix well water and starter
3.    Combine flour mix and water mix. Work the dough until all the flour is wet.
4.    Store the dough covered in the fridge
5.    Half an hour later, apply few folds and rounding, then put the dough back in the fridge
6.    Half an hour later, apply few folds and rounding, then put the dough back in the fridge

Day 2
1.    About 5 hours before the time you would like to bake, take the dough out of the fridge.
2.    Divide the dough into two 450 gr loafs (like the one in the picture), or have it as one 900 gr loaf
3.    Round and let rest covered for an hour. The dough is cold and needs time to relax
4.    Shape and proof for at least 4 hours, until the dough’s resistance to light pressing is weak
5.    Score and bake - 20 minutes covered @ 480F, 20 minutes uncovered @ 450F

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Interesting experiment, thanks for sharing it. It’s great to hear it worked out for you, and from the pictures it looks delicious! The fabulous thing about bread experiments is that we get to eat the results :-)