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NYC bread/baking supply stores?

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NYC bread/baking supply stores?

Hey, baking pals!

I'm getting into some more involved soaker breads, and I'm curious if anyone knows of a baking supply store in Manhattan that reliably carries things like rye chops and rye berries, and other bread-oriented stuff. I've checked out a couple Whole Foods locations and they were at a loss to tell me where I could pick up rye chops.

Worst case scenario I can turn to Amazon, but it would be great to find a location in the city.

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I've not found anything like that in NYC yet. Your best bet is or

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If she doesn't see this thread and respond here, send a private message to ifs201.  She lives in NYC and mills grains at home, so she might know suppliers.   I don't know what borough she lives in.

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I doubt they have rye-chops, or even whole rye berries, but I've been impressed at the baking supplies at my local Indian, or Indian-Pakistani ("Indo-Pak") grocery stores.  (Patel Brothers is a national chain in the US.)

Non-wheat grain flours such as teff, millet, quinoa, corn (not masa, not limed), casava,  coconut, maybe rice flour.  Various bean flours, such as mung and chickpea.  

All sorts of rice, white/polished, regular white, aromatic (Jasmine and Thai), brown, red, black.    

Bulgar wheat.  "Sooji" or cream-of-wheat.  I haven't tried bulgar wheat as a soaker, but it sounds good.

Spices out the wazoo, cheaper than American grocery stores.

All sorts of oils, that are sometimes not seen at lower end or smaller American grocery stores, such as grape seed oil.

I discovered tapered rolling pins that help make rounder flat-breads.  My regular straight rolling pin tends to make squares.

At Asian grocery stores, my main baking item is rice flour, $1 / pound.

Indian stores, and maybe others, have the kind of stones/slabs/boards that you put on your counter top on which to roll out dough.


 I love to browse all ethnic grocery stores.  Locally, I've been to : Indian, Pakistani, Middle Eastern, Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese), African, and Mexican.     I always seem to discover something new.  And I love the exotric smells.

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John Oh Reilly

Like the post above said, there is a large and well known Pakistani (I think it’s Pakistani) store downtown Manhattan on Lexington called kalustyans. It sells everything. It’s neighboring stores also sell many grains and flours. 

you can also by a nice assortment of local and expensive grain and flour at union square market. If they aren’t bringing what you what I think I remember them saying you can request in advance.

also many chic food stores local grains and flours but their assortment and stock is small and price usually inflated.