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Your Favorite Bread Add-In ?

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Your Favorite Bread Add-In ?

I've settled on my standard "go-to" sourdough bread after several successful bakes of it -- uses bread-flour, a bit of rye and an overnight levain.  Now I'd like to find some suitable add-ins.  I've already tried raisins, cranberry/walnut, various seeds and grains.  Looking for some new flavors and texture.

Your suggestions most welcome.  If possible include quantity per 1 kg loaf and best time to add during the standard baking cycle (i.e. right after autolyse, etc); also any particular prep before adding.


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If you like spicy stuff you could try jalapeno and asiago or cheddar.  

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Bread spice is a mixture of a few or more of caraway, fennel, anise, cardamom, possibly others that is added to some traditional breads (often with a substantial amount of rye) in northern Europe. One combination I like is to mix 2 cups of raisins with the zest of an orange and a teaspoon (total) of ground caraway and fennel. Use some rye flour and some whole wheat flour in your bread (the more the merrier), then incorporate this mixture the same way you added plain raisins.

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Toasted sesame in the dough after the second S&F, then raw sesame on the outside before bake. One of my favorites.

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Mini Oven

For one kilo flour...smash very ripe banana maybe two into total liquids.  During bulk rise, Sauté peeled and roughly chopped 25% to 40% fresh garlic in a tablespoon of butter (about 5 to 8 bulbs) (yes! Yumm!) until golden brown with brown edges.    Let cool and add after first bulk rise or while shaping dough.  Save butter from garlic to brush onto baked crust to soften if desired.  Otherwise clean up the pan with the first slice off the loaf.  :)

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Mini Oven

May have to moisten a little bit but adds a new dimension to just plain dough.  Crusts are especially flavourfull.  With large chunks or slices, soak with the liquids weighing first and adding appropriate % water to match dough hydration.  Basic: 100g dried bread crumbs, croutons or sliced bread softened with  65 - 70g water or milk. Break up in the liquids before adding recipe flour.  

Can also add crumbs to levain tending to speed up fermentation just a little bit. 

Fine pale crumbs can be used much like flour to dust pans, bannetons, or a misted loaf after shaping for textural differences.