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Where is the Breadstorm App?

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Where is the Breadstorm App?

I use the Breadstorm app for working out formulas and scaling.  

The IOS version for iPhone and iPad is no longer in the App store

Recently they posted on their website that they were on a break (and removed the download) and now their website appears to have been taken off the web altogether.

The app is really useful for bread bakers amateur and professional and a great way to exchange recipes, so it would be a shame if it has been killed (and no longer supported). 

Does anyone know anything about what happened to the Breadstorm app?







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It appears they went out of business.  Website is blank, nothing on Twitter since March 2019, nothing in the App store.  Not sure if they had a Facebook page or not.  Surprised they didn't notify their customers.....

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Yes, they do appear to be out of business.  

Very surprised they abandoned their customers.  

This was pricey software, but so worth it considering I use it so heavily.  I am also surprised there is so little mention of Breadstorm disappearing, it seems other users would be also surprised to learn Breadstorm is abandonware.

Good thing that Breadstorm was such a solidly built app that needed little updating.  I hope it holds out

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Yeah, they are gone.  They never were great at support. (I kept asking for a way to print out a just the weights formula, to work from in the kitchen.  That is, a way that doesn't take 7 unnecessary steps using the "snapshot" facility.  And now, under Catlina, even that is broken.  Fortunately the rest of it seems to still work.  It was pretty rude of them to leave like that.

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l was in contact with the folks at BreadStorm back in November, it was my distinct impression that the project was   coming to a grinding halt, the website endorsements, mine included, hadn’t been updated for at least two years. There was no sign of life, period.

I purchased the Mac version a few months before the iOS app came out, it set me back 150 bones, I’ve been selling bread all alone though and the software made my life much easier. 

I made a further inquiry, late in December, that went unanswered. The software is running on a Mac from 2009, I’ve just purchased a new computer and was hoping to bring the software along. (The old Mac is too buggy, and still running El Capitan , so I refrained from using the migration tool): oh well, I’ll just keep the old beast running so I can keep using it and will eventually face switching over to horrid excel sheets.

cheers from rainy Copenhagen