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Hello everyone

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Hello everyone

I have lurked the forums here for years, and I finally decided it was time to join officially. I have been a bread baker for about 20 years. I baked bread daily for my family, and as my family grew and our lives got busier I brought in a bread machine to help me keep up. Then my kids grew up and left the nest, I got divorced, and did not bake a loaf of bread for about five years. because I didn't think I'd enjoy making bread just for myself. Well, I have changed my mind about that and am trying to shake the dust off my bread baking skills and get back into the groove.

I recently moved to Arizona from Washington state, and the weather here is currently pleasant and mild. I do wonder how the blazing heat of the summer will affect my desire to turn on an oven - but I will deal with that when the time comes. 

Nice to meet y'all.

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Glad you decided to join in, RunnerChicki! The great thing about runners, is you can eat a log of great bread carbs :D

What type of breads are you interested in baking? Are you into sourdough?

One of the forum’s avid bakers with a wealth of experience and knowledge lives in Arizona. His user handle is ‘dabrownman’. He often talks about the warm arid climate and he and his baby (Lucy his dog) produces stellar breads. Lucy gets most of the credit. :)


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MyrtleBeach55 here also.  Being  in South Carolina I too have to decide about turning the oven on when it feels like an oven outside. I usually try and cook earlier morning or evenings when its cooled down some. At least in AZ you don't have the humidity we have here. :)