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Convert to no knead help please

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Convert to no knead help please


One of my favourite recipes is the Vermont Sourdough from Jeffrey  Hamelmans bread book.  I am finding many people are requesting me bake these for them.  I only have a KA mixer for the kneading and find it very difficult to kneed a large amount of dough by hand.  Is there any way I can use the no knead method for this recipe? 




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Hi Chris, I have never baked the Vermont SD, but the no knead method should work for most, maybe all sourdough breads. Once flour is hydrated with water, given enough time, gluten will develop. Throw in a few stretch and folds and you have the process for most artisan breads.

Take a look at this link for a basic consensus of the No Knead method.

Let us know if you have other questions.


By the way, it might be better to post questions like these in the Sourdough Forum. It will get more attention than a post to your blog. The blogs do not receive the same public forum attention.