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New to bread baking.

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New to bread baking.


I recently started making "no-knead" bread I found on the NY Times.  Works very well!   But I need (or knead) to make more complex bread.   I just found this site, and am looking forward to expanding my horizons.  I started some sour dough starter yesterday, and I'll go from there.   I have some hard white wheat berries that I will grind into flour.   Wish me luck.  I hope to use the vast resources here for knowledge, and hope to contribute what I discover along the way.

Be well!

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You have come to a good place.  Be patient with your starter.  It takes a few days before it will be ready for your first loaf.

Kneading is one of the pleasures for me in making bread.  Getting my mitts in the dough and feeling the changes is great.  And being able to enjoy the result is even better.

You requested a wish of good luck so -- good luck.

Happy baking.


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Thanks much.

I have ALWAYS yearned for the good bread you get in a big city bakery.  I live in a small town with a few places within a short drive that make "factory" bread.   I also have access to awesome bread from a few local bakeries, but the cost is, well... you know!   I wish to duplicate a reasonable facsimile of those great breads at home.  I KNOW it can be done!  I have full support from my lovely bride.

Here's to the journey of really great bread.  Great bread that is not sliced, but broken and torn off in chunks.  Bread eaten with homemade butter, or a great olive oil & herbs.  Crispy crust, airy center, wonderful aroma, and great "tooth".

I'd better stop...I'm starting to drool!