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Hello From Northern California

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Hello From Northern California

Hello everyone,

I wanted to say thank you for helping me start my bread baking hobby. I started exploring this site a few weeks ago as part of a school project to observe how members of online communities interact with one another, and after reading through many forum posts I decided to bake my own loaf of bread. I followed the instructions for the first lesson and ended up with this big ball of deliciousness that was the perfect complement to my spaghetti dinner. Now I can’t wait to finish baking my way through the rest of the lessons and beyond. One of the projects I’m most looking forward to is a fresh sourdough loaf, but I’m wondering if as a new baker it would be reasonable to try and create my own starter or would it be better to just try to acquire one that’s already been made? Thanks and happy baking to you all!



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Welcome aboard! I just retired from Northern California!

I suggest doing both, seriously. Acquire one from the friendly local bakers and get started in making sourdough and at the same time start your own, so you can learn the skills and have the pride of making to from scratch.

If it turns out that you can't get it going (you will) then we won't know the difference, LOL.

Have Fun!

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Both!  Getting your hands on an established starter will mean that you can bake great, naturally leavened breads while you create your own starter from scratch.

Where are you located in NorCal?  I'm in Redwood City, and would be happy to provide you with some of my starter if you are close.


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Thanks for the advice, I’ll definitely have to try both now and set up my own little home experiment! I appreciate the offer Rich, but I’m up in Humboldt county so it would be just a little bit of a drive. I think I’ll start with Bob’s suggestion and ask around at the bakeries in town.