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BBQ bake Attempt #2

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BBQ bake Attempt #2

After my first attempt to bake bread in my hooded BBQ I had several issues to address.  Most critical was the fact that the gas hose had touched the body of the grill and partially melted! So I ordered a new one and a second grate.  These arrived this week so yesterday I repeated the previous bake, substituting rye for spelt.

12 December - refresh starter and build levain before going to bed

13 December

08:25 am autolyse 105 g freshly milled whole wheat, 50 g freshly milled rye 440 g flour + 10 g gluten flour and 400 g water.

08:50 am Patted autolysed dough out on bench  and dimpled in 200 g 100% hydration starter, folded and did 120 SLAPs.  Rested 5 minutes, added 10.8 g salt with wet hands, rolled up and did another 120 SLAPs. Rested dough 30 minutes

09:45 am Divided dough into 2 and did one set of stretch and fold on each and left for 30 minutes

10:15 am Coil folds.  I had to go out at this point and it was an hour before I got back.

11:20 am Coil folds

12: 00 Final set of coil folds then left to bulk ferment. 

Visitor arrived about 1 pm 

14:15 pm - no time to deal with this, dough had increased 50-60% so I popped it in the fridge.  

The day went down the drain just after this and it was 21:40 before I could deal with it again.  Took it out of the fridge, cold preshape and left 30 minutes.

22:10 pm Shaped and bench rested until 10:30 then retarded over night.  Don't know how this will turn out, never before left a dough so long.

14 December 08:00 am  Fire up the BBQ.  Here is my modified setup

I decided to just use the deep part of my two "DO"s so these were inside the hood as well.  I turned all 4 burners on full until thermometer read 250 deg C then waited about 10 minutes before turning off the 2 inner burners.  I had my portable oven thermometer on the rack and it reached about 225 deg C.  I probably didn't preheat for long enough and I will do it longer next time.  

Removed dough from bannetons,  placed on large disposable aluminium sheet, slashed & spritzed both loaves and placed on the rack.  Closed the hood, set the timer then remembered I hadn't covered the loaves.  Opened hood, covered loaves with the 2 inverted DOs and baked for 12 minutes.  On removing DOs I was disappointed with oven spring but carried on.  Thermometer was reading fairly steadily 200 deg and my portable one had dropped to about 170 deg C.  I set timer for 18 minutes and watched.  the dough slowly puffed up more so in the end I am pretty happy with the amount of oven spring.  I felt dough wasn't quite baked at this point and Dough didn't brown very fast so I baked for an extra 15 minutes. It has turned a light golden brown. Internal temperature was 208 deg F

I think the stones were probably not quite hot enough but at least this time I don't have burnt bottoms!! Yay!

After lunch I cut loaves so whilst not particularly open I am reasonably satisfied - a little more fine tuning required though.  Crumb shots below

So, a little pale for my liking but definite progress.  I am a little less scared of the process of baking in a hooded BBQ.  New hose & regulator are a little shorter and so all is safe and good there too!.

Big thank you to @idaveindy for all the help after last bake and getting me pointed in the right direction.  A little longer preheating, maybe a little more heat in general may give me a better result.  The extra long fermentation may also have played a role too.  

Happy baking all




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They look great!