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Large, shiney holes in first sourdough

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Large, shiney holes in first sourdough

This is my first time baking sour dough, but I have been making no knead dough in a dutch oven for a few months now without any problems.

Overall the bread looks pretty good and tastes great but it has large, shiney holes that seem to have a slightly more moist texture than the rest of the bread.

What could cause the funky large holes?

Crumb shot of first sourdough dough

Crust shot of first sourdough 1

I used 100g starter, 375g water, 500g bread flour and 5g salt.  Fermented overnight for about 12 hours.  The kitchen was 72 when I started but had cooled to 68 by morning (wood heat).  Shaped and left to proof for 2 more hours, then used the fingerprint test.

Placed in an unheated dutch oven in a cold oven.  Heated to 450. After temperature was reached baked for 40 mins with lid on and 20 mins without lid.  IntetnaI temperature reached 209.

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Is it possible that there were some large gas bubbles in the dough during shaping that didn't get popped?

Nice looking loaf!

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Not sure what caused the crumb. But for your first sourdough, you are off to a great start.

Assuming all white flour, 77% hydration is very wet. 68-72% will produce great bread.

Lets us know how your progress.


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It looks like a decent loaf of bread. I agree, it's probably just that the dough was left alone for a while, it looks like just a normal variation in how bread rises.

The shininess and that you say it's more moist than youre used to are probably just that the dough recipe is a high hydration--Tartine bread (I dont know if you were following that recipe, but that's almost the formula, only with half the salt) is famous for being a high hydration and it's known for having a soft, custard-y texture, but it's really good when you toast it because you get that crispy crust, but it's still soft when you bite into it.