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First post and first loaf!

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First post and first loaf!

Hi everyone,

I've been lurking around for the past month-ish as I'm looking at getting into baking bread. I've been baking/cooking since I was 12, but have never gotten into bread making (always seemed very daunting to me!). 

Recently bit the bullet after reading a bunch of posts from here and treated myself to an Ankarsrum mixer. Finally got to break it in this week with my very first loaf/ves of bread. I went with a challah as it seems relatively straightforward. 

Here are the results! 

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Looks great! well done! I haven't tried challah but you've got me interested!

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Nice looking crumb and good color on the crust. I love making challah, but haven't done it in a while. What recipe did you use? If you are up to it, my favorite way to shape it is with a 6-strand braid.


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Thanks! I'm quite happy with it. I just used the recipe from Pleasant Hill Grain:

I think I'd def up the sugar next time as it was a little bit flavourless? Or I'm just used to sweeter breads...But texture came out great! Slathered it in herbed butter and all was well :P

Wow 6-strands! I'll def have to try that next.