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Wild Rice Sourdough with Cranberries 

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Wild Rice Sourdough with Cranberries 

It’s time to bake Xmas loaves for my group but this year, I decided to bake only one kind and since wild rice with cranberries seems to be the most popular, this was it! This is the same recipe as here:


However, for some reason the dough was moving super slowly so I gave it an extra coil fold and let it rise until it hit the 30% increase mark. 


Then the next morning, it looked like the loaves needed more proofing so I let the first batch sit for a half hour and the second batch sit for an hour while the first batch baked. They turned out very nicely so the old adage of watch the dough not the clock turns out to be so true! 


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I love rice breads and the addition of the cranberries makes this one a keeper for sure.

Happy Baking!