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Maurizio and me...

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Maurizio and me...

Just returned from a trip to see my brother in Albuquerque.  While there I hooked up with The Perfect Loaf's Maurizio for a cup of coffee and conversation, mostly NOT about bread or baking.

What a delightful gent.  He was kind enough to arrive with a magnificent batard, quite delicious both fresh and toasted.  The small but ravenous crew back at my brother's ransacked the bag and polished off the loaf in short order.  I believe he said it was an AP, Spelt and WW combination.

On our family road trip this time I found myself at the Grand Canyon for the first time and then to the incomparable Antelope Canyon outside of Page, Arizona. 

And Antelope Canyon where amateur photographer's pictures, like mine, do an injustice to the magnificence.

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It was really great to meet you, Alan! Thanks for reaching out and I'm glad you liked the bread. The sourdough was 50% ap, 25% whole grain spelt, 25% whole grain hard red wheat, 1.8% salt, 84% hydration, and 22% levain.

Your picture of Antelope Canyon does do it justice! I haven't been there but it's been on my list...