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Kabocha Squash Thanksgiving Rolls

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Kabocha Squash Thanksgiving Rolls

Despite only moderate success with my previous squash loaf, I decided to try again! I upped the hydration to 65% this time (not including liquid from the squash). I roasted the kabocha squash and pureed it and incorporated so that the dough was 40% squash, 2% salt, 70% organic stone-ground T85, and 30% KAF, 20% levain. I also added a bit of honey. 

During the lamination, I turned half of the dough into squash/walnut/raisin/cranberry and the other half into squash/cumin/coriander/chipotle chili powder rolls. 

I'd never made rolls before and I'm also getting used to baking in such a cold kitchen. The bulk went for 5.5 hours, but perhaps I should have pushed it longer. I'm also hoping I baked the rolls for long enough. These are definitely some rustic looking rolls! 



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I need to try squash in bread!