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shaping kaiser rolls:new at KA

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shaping kaiser rolls:new at KA

Just saw a new entry at the Baker's Blog at KA about shaping rolls. Thought you might want to check it out,starts shaping with a rope, then goes like tying a knot and on from there. Have fun! Rosemary in chilly NE Florida

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while it looks close to a kaiser.  it 1

has to many sections

and two it is not even close as to the right way to shape a kaiser

Floyds way thats is posted here is closer to the right way

i promised some people on this site some videos a will try to make one that shows how to shape a kaiser roll it ie realy easy once you see it. i can do it in less than 5 seconds i don't mean that as a brag i was taught that way and when you have to make several hundred with a 6 food 5 unch german baker looking over your sholder ready to strike you do what your told.

these guys were tough but what i earned from them was worth more than all the money in the world

in fact during the 5 years i worked there he only said two good words to me.

It was abou t6:00 in the morning when he was looking over the days rye i was ready for the worst when he looked at me and said "good bread Man" as he was picking up loafs 4 at a time--two in each hand without causing so mush as a dent. he had hands like andry the giant

this is a guy that never said a good word about anything"  My feet did not hit the floor the rest of the month. (Thank You Werner)

Pro Baker for over 25 years-----Ret