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Hello from NYS!

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Hello from NYS!

Hello everyone,

 I just signed up, couldn't resist. Love bread. Love baking bread. I am a beginner and would bake all the recipes on this site if I had the skill. I had been looking for just such a community that is dedicated to bread baking. The pics of all the breads is inviting and enticing.

Excited to be here.





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Welcome.......thinking about bread making reminds me of my favorite fishing poem...(changed to bread).

 The charm of bread making is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable.

A perpetual series of occasions for hope.

 Good luck

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Welcome to The Fresh Loaf. May I suggest you start by reading through the really great lessons FloydM has created for this site.


If you get stumped on anything you can ask the user community however lots of questions can be answered by using the search function at the top of the page.


The best thing about baking bread is even when you make a mistake it's usually quite edible!


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 Thank you very much breadawe and darkstar!

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I live in Westchester County, so if you ever find a local source for Rye flour other than Hodgson Mills, do let me know.  Thanks.

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Definitely. I purchase the Hodgson mills bags sold in grocery stores. I am also on the lookout for such a local source, maybe someone who can grind grain in bulk.

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Otto brehm is one of the bigest bakery suppliers in new york there in yonkers perhaps a few people could get toghter and buy a few bags of bulk flour they have 50 and 100 pound bags 2 to four could split a bag of clear pumpernickel and white rye theye carry almost everything dry and referated including fresh yeast for 2.50 sents for a 2 pound b;ock and you do not have to buy a case of yeast

they will sell as little as 1 block Pro

Baker for over 25 years-----Ret

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Thanks, nbi. Very helpful information.