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Chocolate SD starter

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Mini Oven

Chocolate SD starter

Came across this article:

Sounds fun!

Mini o m g!

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What an interesting direction for breadmaking! I don't bake often, anymore, but I still love to bake-especially rye. I would think this would really be a natural for rye-based loaves.

Thank you, Mini!

I started reading about Mott Green and the cacao industry in Grenada. Fascinating story.So sad about Mott Green but his dream lives on. In regards to fermenting a sourdough starter from cacao powder, the correct product makes a difference. There is CACAO flour and COCOA flour. CACAO is the least processed, should be unheated and closest to the plant form and is the product that should be used for a sourdough starter. Much more info out there but I thought I'd start the thought processes going.