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What are your favorite freezable treats for Christmas boxes?

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What are your favorite freezable treats for Christmas boxes?

I am starting prep to begin making the elements of my Christmas Treat boxes. I did them last year for the firs time with some different cookies, truffles, and fudges. I want to start baking things earlier this year, so I am looking for the most delicious and freezer friendly treats.

Thank you.

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Do the treats need to remain frozen or refrigerated? Is it ok if they need refrigeration-such as cheesecake bites? I made 5 dozen filled brioche buns for my co-workers one year (white chocolate/orange marmalade, chocolate, pecan,and other various flavors). Another year I made mini french breads-talk about mis-en-place!

Bar cookies are always well receivd and easy to make en mass. Cookie dough made ahead helps lighten the load and can be baked fresh just prior to distribution.

My favorite cookie strategy is to take a  basic shortbread dough and  make many different kinds of cookies from the same dough. Flavor different chunks of dough to make vanilla,chocolate,raspberry, maple,nut,etc,etc. dough. Make any shape imaginable and then have them plain, nut crusted, jelly filled, rolled out, frosted, etc.

When butter became so unreasonably expensive, I turned to biscotti. Endless possibilities! All different flavor and texture profiles! Make them dunkable toothbreakers or tender bites of flavor.Even make them savory-parmesan pepper, cheese/jalapeno, smoked paprika/pink peppercorn, cheesy dill, and on and on. Hardest part for me was deciding which to make but ALWAYS make a few favorite standbys-almond, cranberry nut, cinnamon/spice, anise and chocolate.

Most importantly-bake some delicious fun and love what you are doing

I developed a whole recipe tree for biscotti flavors.

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Brownies freeze extremely well - and also taste great frozen! You can also make  cookie dough in adance and bake when needed. I always have balled up cookie dough in the freezer ready to go! Also, I'm trying it for the first time, but Bruni Bakery had a recipe for aged gingerbread so you make the dough now and let it age in the fridge for 6-8 weeks. I was intrigued! 

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Hi MadhanGomes:

I started making a few things myself and every year I make my Chocolate covered coconut snowballs! believe it or not these treats last a year frozen in freezer bags!. 

I was going through my freezer and found a bag of them that fell to the bottom.  So after examining them I decided to defrost them and sample one!  My daughter saw them and ate 6 lol she thought I made them that day, when I told her they were last seasons she said "cool, make double this year please"  So, they are a great treat that freezes well and you can make them months in advance if needed!