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feedback thanks

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feedback thanks


Hey lovely sourdough people. 


I startet getting into baking sourdough a couple of weeks ago, im hooked now! But i don’t really have any sourdough fans in my social circle, so i have been loving reading the post in here. My friends like my bread and eat it with a smile, but when i start asking about the tast and crumb, they just look at me puzzled. So I would love to get som feedback from people who knows what to look for in a good loaf. 


I dont really know what im doing when baking, so i feel like i question everything in my loaf. But i would love to hear what you guys thing i could do to get better. Better crumb, ovenspring and so on.  



here are a couple of pictures ( 2 loafs from the same batch), i hope someone can read something from my loafs and tell me! 


Thanks (fingers crossed) 



Sorry for the grammar, another thing im working on at the moment :) 


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Very impressive for only a few weeks under your belt! To get advice it's probably helpful if you provide your recipe and process. To me the dough looks like it has whole grain which makes it harder to get an open crumb. What flours do you use?

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Thank you so much! 


- I make the levain, the night before; of 50g of active starter, 100g of water, 50g of bread flour and 50g of wholegrain (i use something called Ølandshvede) 

- In the morning i do the autolyse of 646g bread flour, 192g Ølandshvede (whole grain) and 525g of water. (40 min - 2 hours) 

-Then add and mixing 200g of levain, 20g salt og 50g of water. 

let it rest for 30min and start doing stretch and folds every 30 minutes for about 1,5-2 hours, during I spray the dough with water, if i feel it can handel it. Then i let it rest for 1,5 hours, before i do the preshaping and shaping. Then i put them in the fridge overnight. 


I hope it makes some sense 

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Ask yourself:

- how does it smell (sweet, sour, etc?); what do you smell (early, floral, yeasty, etc?)

- how does it taste (sweet, acidic, etc); how is the mouth feel (moist, chewy, dry, etc?)

- how is the crust (delicate, hard, thick, chewy, etc?); how does it look colour wise, etc?

And along the way, after you answer ask yourself if you like what you're smelling, tasting, etc. If you say yes, great. If you say no, then you have something to work with to remediate.

The crumb looks good. Everyone's definition of what it should look like is different. And some will tell you it should be one way or the other (smaller holes, more uniformly open holes, lacy, etc). That's often preference unless the dough is over or under fermented - which I wouldn't say yours is from what you posted. That doesn't mean you can't aspire to a lacy crumb if that's what you want - but it's up to you to decide what you're looking for from your bread.

Enjoy your bread. It looks great! :)