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Sourdough troubleshoot

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Sourdough troubleshoot

Hi, I’m new here and in some need of advice about my sourdough.

Ive made several loaves but none of them have worked out right. I’ve tried several different recipes.

A friend let me borrow his Tartine Bread book and I followed everything step by step and it was all looking good and I was able to get everything picture perfect up until I removed my loaves from the proofing basket and they immediately spread out and lost all shape. I couldn’t fit them in my Dutch oven anymore. They each took up the area of a half baking sheet. 
I baked them anyway just to see what would happen.

The top crust poofed up and almost entirely disconnected from the rest of the bread.

I live in a cold climate and my house gets down to 50F at night so I let them proof on my counters for 12 hours instead of in the fridge since it’s too small. 
The recipe is a 70% hydration.

Can anyone tell me where I went wrong?


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hi still looks beautiful !!!

Do you bake in a Dutch Oven or directly on a might be you bottom heat that is not as hot...

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I have a bit of experience with cold temps, and would like to know how you keep your starter - ie. Is it kept out in the cold or kept warm somehow, and what it's the feeding schedule (time between feedings and ratios). It will make a big difference on the health of the starter. 

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Mini Oven

i baked my famous dead banana bread today and couldn't figure out why it wasn't rising up in the middle like it should.  Seemed too flat but was browning.  Added ten minutes until my wooden pick came out clean, I discovered a baking tray on the bottom of the oven blocking that wonderful bottom heat.  My bread also got a bit dark on top.

My suggestion would be to get more heat under the loaf and less on top.  Perhaps dropping the shelf down a notch or wait until the preheat is done before baking.  Check the oven settings and check to see if the lower coil heats up.

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thanks my issue has been fixed ...





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Mini Oven