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Abel's Catalan Peasant Bread

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Abel's Catalan Peasant Bread

I’d been warehousing another Abelbreadgallery creation since our incredibly able Abel published this on TFL in Jan 2018.  And yesterday finally decided to give it a go.  At 75% hydration, this is near the upper end of my non-ciabatta type of bread limits.  Considering the length of time in retard and the growth of the loaf, both in retard as well as in the oven, I'm surprised at the tight crumb for a 75% hydration dough.  Nonetheless, a delicious slice of bread.

Being alfanso, I had to tinker just a tad with the outcome and rather than duplicate his boule and xusco (batard in Catalan).  I tried to emulate his xusco and used the remainder for two wheat bran covered baguettes.  Somehow I think that the wheat bran interfere with clean scoring on baguettes.  Or maybe it’s just me.

Abel's Xusco 

And mine.  A fair representation, so I'm satisfied at the look and outcome.  The baguettes shaped nicely, but seemed to have a mind of their own in the oven.

750g x 1 xusco

340g x 2 baguettes/long batards


The formula normalized to 1000g


Catalan Peasant Bread (xusco) 100% hydration AP Levain    
Abel Sierra         
     Total Flour    
 Total Dough Weight (g) 1000 Prefermented15.00%   
 Total Formula   Liquid Levain  Final Dough 
 Ingredients%Grams %Grams IngredientsGrams
 Total Flour100.00%564.7 100.00%84.7 Final Flour480.0
 AP Flour80.00%451.7 100%84.7 AP Flour367.0
 WW5.00%28.2 0%0.0 WW28.2
 Rye15.00%84.7 0%0.0 Rye84.7
 Water75.00%423.5 100%84.7 Water338.8
 Salt2.00%11.3 0%0.0 Salt11.3
 IDY0.10%0.5 0%0.0 IDY0.5
 Starter3.00%16.9 20%16.9   
 Totals177.10%1000 220%186.3  1000
"Autolyse" all ingr. except salt.  30 min.  1 stage liquid levain build @100% hydration
Salt, pinch and fold.  150 FF, 5 min rest, 150 FF  Stage 1    
LFs @30, 60    AP84.7   
Retard, divide, pre-shape, 30 min rest, shape, retard.  Water84.7   
Oven preheat to 475, bake at 460   Starter16.9   
13 min. steam.   Total186.3   






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Just beautiful!

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the baguettes came out more well shaped than the pictures showed them to be.  The scores, where they met and melded together, seemed to alter the look just enough.

baking is fun!  Thanks, alan