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Peasant bread

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Peasant bread

I sometimes make bread at home. This time I made a typical bread from my hometown, Barcelona. The catalan peasant bread, one long (we call xusco) and one round (the traditiional upside down). I mixed regular AP flour + 20% stoneground flour from local mexican wheat grains. This time I have chosen small quantity of levain (15%) and little yeast (0,1% instant) and make a long bulk rise (16 hours in fridge).Hydration was around 75% including levain. Once the dough is tempered, then divide and shape. Easy and simple.

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Because of you I will have to buy a larger three ring binder for storing my formulae!  I've now created BBGA spreadsheets for this Catalan bread and the Super Levain.  Still in the future, but near future, before I get to bake these two.  

Just because I want to (¡e yo soy un hombre irascible!), I'm going to use 125% hydration all rye levain and divide up the whole grain as 15% Rye & 5% WW.

You are creating problems for me!  Please consider stopping ;-) .  Grr. 


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Lazy Loafer

... and delicious, I bet! I'm with Alan - between the wonderful things people are posting on here, the extensive bookmarks I already have and a new book for Christmas (finally got a copy of Hamelman's "Bread"), we're in danger of having way too much bread to eat!

I've been trying variations of inoculation rates (I have a lot of starter, as I was rejuvenating mine) and fermentation timings, to see what I can make quickly, or easily, or both, and which tastes the best. Sounds like you have too!