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Leek, Shallot, and Poppyseed Sourdough

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Leek, Shallot, and Poppyseed Sourdough

I previously made the turmeric and leek loaf from Sarah Owens and it remains one of my tastiest loaves. I decided to make it again, but to follow my own process with the dough, to up the hydration to 80%, and to change the mix of flours. I hope it's as tasty as the first time! One of my loaves has a small tumor on the side because it was too big for my DO and it stuck to the side as I put it in - oops! 


Rye calc3%
Bread flour calc45%


6:00 AMfinal levain build  
8:30 AMAutolyse  
12:00 PMAdd levain to autolyse and mix thoroughly  
12:15 PMTrevor Wilson mixing method 5min, 15 wait, 5min (add SALT)  
12:45 PMCoil Fold  
1:15 PMOn Counter Lamination (add leeks)  
1:45 PMCoil fold 3x  
5:00 PMPre-shape, shape, 30 min on counter, fridge  
6:00 AMBake at 490 for 25 minutes and 460 for 25 minutes  



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Love the yellow tinted leeks!

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Wow such a beautiful crumb with the lovely yellow colour from the turmeric leeks.  Nice bake Ilene.