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Artisan Baking - Training or Internship "Help Needed"

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Essam Haroon

Artisan Baking - Training or Internship "Help Needed"

Dear Community , 

I'm planning to start my Artisan Bakery in Saudi Arabia and Im looking for extra training or internship in any bakery / artisan bakery School in Europe to master the skills and learn tips and techniques and mass production on bakery level.

What I need is to learn from experienced baker not just culinary school and It might be better if there is a bakery that is also offers this service. 

Also if you recommend culinary school that would be nice.Beside I got accepted in Le Cordon Bleu for Intensive Bakery Program for 10 Days but I'm not sure if this is a good opportunity since I don't want to learn just recipes 


Please advice me.


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All I know of Le Cordon Bleu is their reputation, which is excellent.  10 days is not much time. But... 

1) Le Cordon Bleu will look impressive on your resume.

     a) It will help you get the internship or apprenticeship that you are looking for.

     b) It will impress future employers if you can't start your own bakery, or if your future bakery is not successful.

     c) It will impress  future investors or bankers if you need to get a loan to start your bakery.

     d) It will impress future potential customers of your bakery, and could help draw them in to buy and try.

2) Attending Le Cordon Bleu will give you introductions and connections with people, make new friends. We call it "networking" in US.  People like doing business with people who they already know.

3) Many times, owners of small businesses fail because they create/do what they want to create/do, instead of meeting the desires of paying customers.  Doing your dream has to take second place to paying the bills and staying in business.  LCB will help you learn how to make what customers want.  Stay in business first, then do your dream on the side, and grow it.

Bon Chance!

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Essam Haroon

Thanks , I couldn't agree more, 

yes LCB will help shaping the future bakery 

career wise, Im not really looking to switch my career from aerospace engineer to a baker and I love baking and baking is always my passion.

thanks again.