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Panettone with liquid starter

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Panettone with liquid starter

I just saw Teresa Greenway's footage from the workshops on sourdough acidity at The Quest of Sourdough and that made me think that since the liquid starter have more lactic than acetic, it might be easier to employ a liquid starter instead of doing the 3x refreshments of a stiff levain to increase the concentration of lactic acid bacteria and decrease the overall acidity. I also know that Ian Lowe from Apiece uses a sweet liquid sourdough starter (50% starter, 100% water, 100% flour, 22.5% sugar, ) for his viennoiserie and brioche doughs and was thinking it might be used in panettone as well.. Has anyone tried something similar? 

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I am after a very open crumb and have been trying millions of things. 

I think you have to have the 50% madre because it has different affect on the dough. It makes a stronger dough so it can handle the butter and all that goodness. 
You can certainly make panettone with levain at 100% and I have done it. And it was great. But when I make the same recipe with 50% hydration starter, i get a better spring (i cate correctly calculated water adjustment to the final dough). Also acid cuts the fat(chef talk). this one has more information on difference of the acetic vs lactic for panettone.