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Panettone Milano

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Panettone Milano

Traditional Panettone Milano and Perugia versions
Dough 1:
800 Flour Denti Infibra w380
400 water
230 lsolid sourdough
260 egg yolk
260 sigar
300 butter

Dough 2:
220 Flour
Dough 1
5 Malt
10 Milk powder
200 sugar
280 Egg yolk
16 Salt
80 honey+mix
300 Butter

Milano with

250 Sultana
250 candied oranges


Perugia with

200 Baking Chocolates Drops

150 White Chocolate Drops

On website you can find a video of  final baking critic moment.

More photo and infos:



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Looks great!

Nice to see a solid sourdough on this forum.

Your formula is reminiscent of Giorilli and the results are excellent!

Thanks for posting,

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Looks great! I love pannetone - but definitely a labour of love.

Now I guess I have to learn what is meant by solid sourdough.