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Maybe interesting, maybe not...tip for Forkish method.

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Recoil Rob

Maybe interesting, maybe not...tip for Forkish method.

I'm an adherent of the Forkish No-Knead method, and have been having good results tweaking recipes. I most use poolish recipes (the amount of waste in making a Levain, yeesh!) and started substituting different flours for his 100%AP recipes.

I also was never comfortable flipping the loaf from the brotform into the Dutch oven. Usually deflated a bit and too hard to do any scoring.

Today I made a bake of 70%AP, 30% Manitoba ,with 100g of mixed grains and seeds added. After they were proofed I laid a piece of parchment over the brutform, put a small cutting board over that and gently flipped the whole thing. After removing the brutform I now had the loaf right side up on the parchment. I had plenty of time to score it and I lifted the loaf with the parchment and lowered it all down into into the hot DO.

I use Kirkland (Costco) parchment, the box says it's only good to 420˚ but I bake at 470-495˚  and it only lightly browned. I removed it when it was time to remove the lid and the results were good. Just a tip that may make things easier...





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Rob, this is how I do it with every loaf!  Makes it easier to get it out of the form, and then can just slide it onto my stone, or gently place it in my DO.  I remove the parchment when I'm done with the steaming portion of the bake.  I find that leaving it in place for the whole time results in a bottom crust that isn't as dark as the rest of the loaf.


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Funny, I always find that the bottom crust is darker than the rest of the loaf when I’ve left the bread in the DO after removing the lid to complete the bake even when leaving it on the parchment.  Last few bakes I’ve taken to taking the DO out of the oven and lifting the bread out of the Dutch over using the parchment and placing the bread still on the parchment back into the oven directly on a rack to complete the bake.  I’ve found that the bottom crust is a bit less dark and now more even with the top and side crusts this way.


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I'm a Forkish fan too, and I've always had trouble moving the dough from the basket to the DO.

I'll try this on the next round, but it makes sense to me and am grateful for the tip.