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Night of the living bread - Saving my garlic chilli loaf.

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Crumb Control

Night of the living bread - Saving my garlic chilli loaf.

(or: I thought this one was a goner)

So... it's Yom Kippur, the Jewish reckoning day, at sunset we start a 24 hour fast so I'm planning the meal for tomorrow and of course I'm baking a nice loaf of bread, nothing too fancy but I did add some dried garlic, onion, and chili to the dough, shaped it and let the magic happen.

It's morning, I'm zombieing into the Kitchen to turn on the oven... popped the dutch oven inside, as usual, 30 minutes pass, the loaf is ready, into the oven and into the other oven it went, lid on, timer set on 20 minutes and now I can continue with everything else.

20 minutes later, I take off the lid and almost pass out, the bread is as flat as a heart monitor connected to a potato! What the #$%@?!?
I look at the timer, look at the loaf, look at the oven... the bottom side was off!

It's gone... the bread is dead.

In an act of desperation I decided to resuscitate it, I turned on the bottom, sprayed some water into the pot, closed the lid and started praying.
After 10 minutes I opened the lid and... I got some oven spring! it's alive! ALIVE!

But, just like with Frankenstein, I don't know what's inside... but, it's almost sunset, I guess it'll have to wait till tomorrow.
24 hours later, I sliced the bread open and this is what I got:

All in all, it wasn't lost, I'm amazed, it's far from perfect, the crumb is uneven, but it was tasty!

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Looks pretty good actually. Guess it got some extra fermentation time xD. Hope you had an easy fast.

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Crumb Control

I didn't expect it to rise up after 20 minutes.

I only gave it 10 minutes extra after I turned on the bottom broiler because I thought it was already ruined so I said "it can't get worse".

You can see that the top has bigger holes but overall it was totally fine, my brother in law loved it :-)

Thanks, the fast for me, in terms of food, is easy, it's the water that I crave, but the first sip of water after the fast... Mmmmmmmmm... Heaven.