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Apple cider sourdough with mixed dried fruits and cinnamon

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Apple cider sourdough with mixed dried fruits and cinnamon

Made with 350g of non alcoholic cider, dates, cranberries and apricots, kamut and whole wheat for a sweet but slightly hearty loaf. Shaping was bad, I knew it wasn't quite tight enough but rushed it in the banneton anyway while preparing dinner. Taste is heavenly, insanely fruity and soft. 

Few days before this bake, I almost kill Otis's (my starter's)entire family, had 2 batches of prefermemt in the oven with light on, and then I had to use the oven to roast some veggies, well you can guess what happened next. Luckily I had exactly 20g of stater left in the fridge, and made a few bakes after the revival. 

My favorite 50% whole einkorn and another batch of burger buns. Otis had a strong comeback.




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Love all that fruit in your bread, looks beautiful.


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I actually just mixed a similar loaf today to bake tomorrow.  I hope mine comes out as good.  Your rolls and einkorn loaf look great as well.

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I love all the dried fruit. Yummmmm! Looks like a super bake.