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Been a while since last blog, bread flour hasn't been on sale for a while, So I've been baking breads with more hearty whole grainsūüė䬆

Toasted steel cut oat, rosemary and 4 grain combo:

This one is bomb, the rosemary really complements the sweet oats. As always, I prefer steel cut oats rather than rolled oats.

Next one is Date sweeten rye chocolate sourdough, with cranberries, peanut butter and peanut butter chips!!

I've got a huge box of deglet nour dates so I decided to blend in a whole 100g of dates with water to make this dough, you can see the red hue coming through. Super chocolatey, fruity and peanuty, it's a real treat.

Last one is today's breakfast seeded spelt bread:

This is specifically made and sliced to go with the avocados we got during the weekend

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Red bulgur were toasted in butter along with crushed fenugreek and caraway seeds, added about 2 Tbsp of everything seasoning too just to add another layer of flavor and texture.

My first time trying out bulgur in bread, using my porridge sourdough recipe with some modifications. It's a great success! I'm very very happy with the result!!


This is such a flavor and texture bomb, the fenugreek will make your house smell like heaven, the red bulgur keeps the crumb moist and slightly chewy, and the best part is the crust, incredibly thin and crispy!

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I've been making the same sundried tomato cheese bread for a long time and honestly I think that's one of the best tasting bread in the world..UNTIL I saw Danni put roasted garlic in hers!! Talking about putting another one of my favorite things in my favorite breadūü§§

So this time I follow my old recipe but did a few things differently:

1.added garlic slices that's been toasted slowly in the same oil that comes with the sundried tomatoes

2.Toasted the chopped up tomatoes because why not

3. Instead if chopping the tomatoes super fine and mixed in the dough to create a beautiful orange tinted dough  I kept them chunky and only did light mixing and folds! 

The result is amazing, lots of big chucks of sundried tomatoes, mildly garlicky, pretty wild looking bread 

I think I still prefer the look of kneading the tomatoes into the dough, but the garlic....oh the garlic will always be included in this bread in the future! SO DELICIOUS 

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Been baking so many breads with lots of add ins, back to basic but keeping my new favorite wheat germ parmesan crust.

I got a new lame finally, oh it made a world of a difference! Cutting through dough like butter, I'll so try the double slash again


Nothing beats the 50% einkorn in the whole grain hearty department. But this is way cheaper and perfect for sandwiches:)




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With pureed chipotle with adobo sauce, a spicy loaf ūüėčI like the color!


The ground chorizo taste so good, but it makes an ugly looking crumb, kind of look like patches of some kind of brownish porridge that I failed to mix in lol next time I'll use a diced up dried chorizo instead.

Another failed double slash, too straight, too long...



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A-Lot-Of-Teff... 40% teff, 20% wholewheat, 40% bread flour

My old bakes were 20/20/60.

Crumb is a lot denser this time, which is fine and expected, I like dense bread too. But shaping was a nightmare and the flavor didn't really change that much. Conclusion:20% teff is ideal, 40% is not worth the trade off of bloom and especially VERY difficult shaping.

Original recipe ratio:(dough)
270g bf
90g teff
90g whole wheat
360g water, plus extra for salt IF needed

Bread in the photos ratio:
180g bf
180g teff
90g whole wheat ,same amount of water 

80g chopped dates
40g chopped pistachios
zest of 1 orange

Prepare dough for room temp long autolyse
For the quick levain: Take 40g of the dough and feed it to 40g of starter (my starter is 10%hydration ww), put it something warm, it'll be ready in 3 hours.

Add 9g salt and mix> 30mins
Do 3 more 30min folds, fold all add ins@ 2nd set
and 2 more 45 min folds
Let rest 1hr 15 min untouched
Shape and retard 12-18 hours

Alternatively, you can put the dough in the fridge right after finishing all the 30mins folds.
Retard for 12-18 hours, preshape and rest for 30 mins, shape and warm proof for about 1.5 to 2hrs before baking, result will be the same

Bake@ 500f 20mins covered
450f 25-30 mins uncovered 

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Levain:20g ww starter +20g whole einkorn flour +20g water


Whole Einkorn flout 220g
bf 220g
water 330g(plus extra 25g for salt)- Autolyse 3 hours in room temp

mix> rest 30mins
add salt and remaining water as needed(I use most but not all, follow by 5mins of slap and fold> rest 30 min
4 sets of s/f 30 mins apart 
Left untouched for 1hr- 1hr 15 mins

Shape and retard for 12-18hrs

Bake@500f covered 20mins

450f uncovered 25 mins internal temp 205f

Help...can someone teach me how to do a double slash properly?

There's a reason why I stick to single slash for batards and either square/circle/ cross for boules. Because I'm incapable of doing everything else rightūüėÖ

It just ended up growing free style everytime and the designs are gone.

Anyway this is the first time I tried using a wheat germ and parmesan crust on a loaf.

Half wheat germ and half parmesan, by volume not by weight. I just eyeballed it so no measurements.

I chose the wrong technique(attempted to pick up a sticky einkorn loaf and roll it on the crumbs...for the experiment and ended up having to reshape and recoat it with the crumbs after the initial fail. The second time around I reshaped> brush the top and sides with some egg white>sprinkle crumbs on top and sides and flip it with a bench scraper

P.S. Thanks Mini oven for suggesting a much better method by using a towel, I'll definitely try that next time instead!

The result was a win tho, the crust was incredibly crisp, nutty with a hint of caramelized cheese! Like a super thin cheese cracker! Definitely a great addition to one of my favorite loaves!

It's lost a tiny bit of volume compared to my usually bake with the same recipe, but I think it has more to do with the reshaping rather than my awful scoring.

I think my slashes were too shallow, not straight and not long enough. But I'd appreciate any advices as I've never got a good result making a double slash

My single slashes aren't always that good either 

This is as clean as I could ever managed and it only happens maybe every 5 bakes...if you look at it closely you'd notice it's still not clean.I always hesitate before slashing and having to adjust it, that's definitely one of my problems.

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I'm on a mission to try out every beanny combo in sourdough baking!

Using canned cannellini beans this time, and slightly more bean to dough ratio.

I was amazed how differently the dough felt with white beans vs black beans, I'm not sure if it's the canned process or the types of beans really...

-fermention speed was rather normal compared to black beans last time, which picked up the speed real fast. 

-  I was able to perform the traditional folds as opposite to having to slap and fold 3 times! The starch in black beans seemed to be a lot "heavier" it slacked right down quick and gets extremely sticky.The starch in white bean was quite a bit lighter and holds it's shape between s/f, a lot easier to work with!

Both loaves got wonderfully tender crumb thanks to the beans, but they're different.....

The crumb in the black bean sourdough was a starchy kind of soft. With the white bean sourdough, it's more of a custardy kind of soft, if you look at the close up crumb shot, it looks a lot like an oat porridge bread, and the texture is very similar to one as well!


60g levain(20g ww starter fed with 20g rye 20g water)
120g whole kamut 
220 g bread flour
260g water plus extra 30g for salt(I used 20g)
8g salt 
220g white bean- (canned ,rinsed and drain, mashed)
1/2 tsp Italian seasoning(not packed!) 
1/2 tsp dried sage (not packed!) 
10 cracks of black pepper
4 stalks of green onions (toasted with bacon fat)
2 slices if thick cut bacon(chopped, crisped, drained out excess fat)
30g red Leicester chesse cubes

4 hour ish warm bulk:

1 set of slap and fold 30 mins after mixing,salt was added 

3 set of folding 45 mins apart, fold in add-ins during the first set

left untouched for 1hr15-30 mins

Shape and retard for 15 hrs

Bake@500f 25mins covered

450f 25mins uncovered 


What kind of beans should I try next time?

Japanese adzuki bean for a sweet loaf is already on my list! But that's gotta wait till my next trip to an Asian grocery store 


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Method is very similar to my chai sourdough, dust with cocoa instead of tea leaves. Crumb is more open than that despite increased whole grain because I ran out of milk and used less(less enriched, more open), and less of the swirling effect I usually get because of that too(less milk, darker color crumb> cocoa swirl less pronounced)


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  • This is the 2nd attempt, the first experiment was a failed, overfermented, over hydrated, over proofed, lacking oven bloom product¬†

This time I dramatically cut the bulk time, tuned down the hydration, further dehydrated the add-in veggies.

Dough didn't rise much at all during fridge proof, I panicked, but I remembered how I failed last time so I went ahead and bake it anyway, it was a success! 


60g levain
(20g ww starter fed with 20g rye 20g water)
60g dark rye
30g ww flour
250 g bread flour
260g water plus extra 30g for salt
8g salt plus extra pinch for veggie
200g black bean- coooked, lightly salted, mashed
1 tsp cumin(not packed!) plus extra pinch for veggies
1 tsp chipotle (not packed!) plus extra pinch for veggies
30 cracks of black pepper
150g chopped onions
70g chopped jalapenos, 3cloves garlic 
30 cracks of fresh black pepper
5g butter/bacon fat/ any kind of fat

-build starter@85f - 3hr15 mins
-Autolyse(flour, 260g water, spices)@room temp 2hrs

Caramalize onions on medium low heat with oil, a pinch of salt, pinch of cumin,chipotle, cook till onion take on a lil bit of color, add jalapeno, cook till fully caramelized and all veggies decrease volume by at least 2/3, add minced garlic the last 2 mins, don't rush this step as you want to dry out most of the moisture, my cooked veggie mixture only weighed 52g after cooling

Mix levain with dough and spices> rest 15mins@ 85f
Slap and fold 30 times
immediately mix salt and reserved water as needed, follow by beans>veggies- > continue Slap and fold 30 more times> rest 45mins
Slap and fold 30 tims>rest 45 mins
Slap and fold 30 times>rest 1 hr 15 mins
Directly shape and place into banneton
(You'll need to rely a lot on the bench scraper to tighten it up as the dough is very tacky)
straight into fridge and retard for 12 hours

Bake @ 500f covered 30 mins
vent oven for 20 secs
450f uncovered 20mins (internal temp 205f)

Notice the bulk time is very short, Otis(my sourdough starter)seemed to LOVE beans and@85f, the fermentation speed was almost out of control the first time, I swiched from traditional slap and fold followed by a series of stretch and fold the first time, to vigorously slap and fold 3 times over the very short bulk fermentation process, and it finally worked out!



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