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Caramel-Pecan rolls

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Caramel-Pecan rolls

I have what is probably a really dumb question...........since sometimes my caramel/pecan mixture doesn't come out of the pan cleanly on occasion, I was wondering if I can put parchment paper on the bottom of the greased pan before I put the caramel and nuts in.  Or is the caramel mix too hot and would "burn" the paper??   I also have a Silpat.........would that work?



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Parchment paper is totally fine. It starts getting dark and brittle above 200°C (at least mine does), but caramel never reaches that temperature (dark caramel is around 160-170°C).

Silpat is also fine.

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I would grease/butter the parchment paper as well

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Works fine. I used to do it all the time at my bakery before realizing I could do without.

Like the first commenter said, paper doesn’t burn til 451 F, and I doubt even your oven is that hot for the rolls.

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I I used the parchement paper and yes, I did grease it.  I think I will do that from now on when I do those rolls.  There was no sticking of the bottom caramel/nuts so the rolls all had "enough" when I took them out of the pan.  For once I did not have to try and "re-arrange" the globs from the pan bottom onto the rolls.


I might try a baking mat next time to see which I prefer.


Thanks, everyone.