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Source for Paper Bags for Bread?

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Source for Paper Bags for Bread?

Along with consuming my own bread, I like to give loaves away to friends.  There are various bags produced by Duro that would be great to use for that purpose (nice size, strongly constructed), but it seems that anywhere I look sells them in quantities of five hundred to a bundle.  That is more than I want.

Have any of you located a source for bags that are ideal for holding a loaf of bread and that are available for purchase in smaller quantities?

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I've bought packaging material from Paper Mart for years and they offer bread bags in various sizes and smaller quantities. You can check out this site:

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Similar to Bonni, I've been ordering from THIS SITE


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Dear Watertown Newbie,


I've been using large "Great Value" Lunch bags from Walmart for years now.  I usually bake 8 loaves over a couple of days and slice and double bag them after "cool down".  Then a plastic outer bag and into the freezer for retrieval later as we need them.


Regards,  Big Crusty