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Toronto - Seeking Business Partner for Startup Artisan Bakery

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Toronto - Seeking Business Partner for Startup Artisan Bakery


Very longtime lurker here, only recently made an account.

I'm an experienced home baker who is making the transition to opening a small artisan bakery.
The business focuses on sourdough breads, and savoury take-out snacks such as focaccia, soft pretzels, sandwiches etc. 

A great deal of planning has gone into this; equipment is sourced, market research, funding, branding, website, suppliers, recipes all taken care of. Lease negotiations are in process now.
Still, it is a risky endeavour, as all food business startups are.

I've been operating alone throughout the planning phase, but am now potentially looking for a business partner. Someone who is not afraid of a lot of hard work, and in it for the love of baking.

I know it's a little crazy to put this out online, and I've reached out to real-life baking acquaintances first, but I'm keeping my options open, and I think there may be TFL users in Toronto who fit the bill.
I know there are others as passionate and capable as I am, or moreso, who may be yearning for just this opportunity.

This endeavour came about because I was dissatisfied with my work-life, and ready to commit time, money, and energy to trying to make a living doing what I truly love. You should feel the same.

If you are in Toronto, and interested in an endeavour like this, feel free to email me for more information.

Edit to clarify: Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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Hi there, I’m not interested in a new business proposition however, but would like to wish you good luck and hope you’ll let us Torontonians know when and where you open up your new bakery.  Best of luck.


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Thanks for the kind wish!
I'll definitely post more about it as operation begins, and share pictures of some bakes.

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First of all Good Luck!  Where about were you thinking of locating this business?

Regards.  Maggs