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My first sourdough

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My first sourdough


i am very new to sour dough. I have learnt everything thru the internet through people’s blogs, sharing of recipe etc.. 

i created my first sour dough starter just 2 weeks ago by feeding it equal amount of AP flour and water. 

For experts out there please do give me your most honest comments about my very first sour dough loaf which I just baked today. As I am new to sour dough I have no idea what to expect as regards to the correct texture. When I cut open the bread it seems to be a little tacky and sticky. Is that under baked or is that normal? I had baked it at 250 degrees using Dutch oven for 20 mins lid covered and 230 degrees for another 20 mins with lid open. 

I left it in the fridge overnight before baking.

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From the picture is looks like a great success, congrats! :) Nice irregular crumb!

If you slice into it right after baking when it's still warm, it's normal to be sticky and tacky. When it has cooled down, I think a little stickiness is normal.

A successful loaf should:
- have no gummy crumb (google for underproofed bread)
- bounce right back when you press it down a little.
- have a chewy crumb, like you know it from restaurant bread.
- have  a crispy crust (though it will get softer over time because it draws water from the air)
- have a hollow sound when you tap the bottom

As I said, it looks like a success. When you are familiar enough with the process, you can start playing around with different hydration, flours, shapes etc.

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I agree that a gummy/tacky interior is usually from not letting the  bread cool enough. I would say that  the bread is cooked enough, but often higher hydration bread (or sourdough in general) can need several hours to cool to room temperature. Cut into it later and see if you still have that issue. If you share your formula and technique (as well as starter maintenance), it will help us give you some tips. Your bread is looking very  nice.

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You are off to a great start!

Very nice crumb.


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Congratulations! That bread looks amazing. I am also a new sourdough baker - isn't it so exciting!

Lovely colour on your crust. In order to make your bread keep for as long as possible, keep it in a ziploc bag once it has fully cooled and that decreases the rate of the crust going softer and chewy.

Good luck and happy baking!

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Wow that is a total success for a first bake.  My first bake wasn’t anywhere near as good.  Congratulations.


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I'm no expert by any means but it looks fantastic!  Nicely done.  You should've seen my first 5 sourdoughs. They were hilariously terrible!

Keep baking man! We need more breads and pics. 

Be like water,

Bread Lee

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Need a quick bread recipe type, looks to be whole wheat sourdough. Scale in the photograph is a bit deceiving but the crumb appears to be very nice and the crust nicely developed. A loaf shot is required to help understand oven spring. How does it taste?

Otherwise you nailed it the first time. Do you have a serrated bread knife yet?...,