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Bonjour from kentucky

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Bonjour from kentucky

After drawing lots of informations from this great forum for a long time, I found it was time for me to participate and give back, if I can, even so I probably still have more questions than answers.

I am French, living in Kentucky, and have been trying to replicate all the bread tastes from home. From Petit pains, Batards, Baguettes and Boules.

Finding the right flour was my first step. It had to be as good as the T55 French flour.

Then I had to master the kneading, the proofing, the shaping and the baking.

I think I have now succeeded at performing all of them, primarily using Poolish, and by the way, it took me over 10 years to succeed. The internet and Youtube helped greatly.

See you around

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You may want to check out the book that was just released: Poilâne - The Secrets of the World-Famous Bread Bakery.

In it, they claim to have captured the taste of their world-famous sourdough using American ingredients.

I have not baked from it yet, but the recipes are very inviting.

Good luck with your quest!