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Earl grey, honey and lime mini loaf

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Earl grey, honey and lime mini loaf

Sweet, soft crumb, slightly tangy, with a fruity, citrusy aroma both from the earl grey tea leaf and the lime zest.

I've been craving French toast and wanted something special instead of plain ol white sourdough. This is gonna do it if we don't kill it before it's stale enough for French toast..



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I thought it's a mini quick bread loaf :) Earl grey is one of my favourite kinds of tea. This loaf should make some refreshing french toast... If it could survive that long!

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please send recipe!

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I must admit I completely winged that one!

I don't really have the exact recipe i just mix so the dough"feels right"but I'll type out what I remember!


1. 3 hour room temp Autolyse dough:
300g White Flour (150g bread flour, 150g all-purpose)
50g Whole Spelt Flour
50g Whole kamut flour
250g water
60g honey 

-dough will be relatively stiff but enough to hydrate all the flour! 

2. Mix in 80g active whole wheat starter-rest 30 mins @ 90f and keep the same temp for the rest of the bulk

3. Mix in 7g salt with minimum additional water- rest 30 mins

4.S/f x 2 sets 45 mins apart  rest 45 mins after  2nd set

5.mix in the zest and juice and zest of 1 lime(that's the reason why I aimed for lower hydration on the dough), and 2 bags of earl grey tea leaves. Mix till it comes together and straight into the fridge,cold retard for 12-18 hours

6. bake( next day) take cold dough out of fridge, shape and place into mine loaf pan, covered, proof @90f for about 2 hrs or till about double in size. preheat oven to 450, invert a second loaf pan on top/ steam the oven your usual way, 

Bake @450f 20min with steam 

400f/ 25mins without steam/lid off

*optional* take the loaf out of the pan and bake directly on the rack the last 10 mins for a crispier crust!