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Mind of Its Own Cornmeal Porridge & Onion Sourdough

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Mind of Its Own Cornmeal Porridge & Onion Sourdough

I received requests for onion sourdough, so I decided to try a cornmeal porridge + onion loaf (similar to the porridge and shallot I made before, but different flours). I made two 900g loaves. The hydration including the porridge was very high, which made shaping difficult. I scored the loaves, but they ended up splitting open wherever they pleased! Yikes! 

  • 12% starter inoculation
  • 73% hydration (excluding porridge) 
  • 2.2% salt
  • 3 caramelized onions + one head roasted garlic
  • I should have weighed the porridge, but it was 75g cornmeal cooked with 2.5 cups of liquid (milk and water) 


Rye calc5%
Bread flour calc35%



Day 18:00 AMLevain Build & make porridge 
 11:30 AMAutolyse 
 1:30 PM4 min mix of levain and autolyse 
  rest 15 minutes 
 1:45 PMMix in salt and then 4 min mix of porridge 
 2:15 PMCoil fold on misted counter 
 2:55 PMLamination on misted counter and add onions 
 3:25 and 4pm coil folds2x coil folds 
 6:40pm into fridgepre-shape, 30 min wait, shape & fridge overnight 
Day 26:10 AMBake 


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Ilene, the bread turned out great.  I love the lacy crumb, perfect for spreading things one.


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I've been happy with how my loaves have been coming out lately even though I have yet to bake an open crumb! I love these porridge breads, but definitely struggle with how much the porridge increases the hydration of the dough. I recently read somewhere to assume that the porridge will increase hydration by 10% so I am going to cutback the water some more next time. 

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Really great bake.  The crumb is elegant and shows off your skill.  One of the reasons I add my soakers during the mix is that I want to get an accurate feel for the hydration.

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I think I'm going to try adding the soaker earlier next time. Also, I found that because of my 2 hour autolyse (and maybe because of the spelt) the dough was really extensible by the time I tried to add the cornmeal and it was pretty hard to incorporate.