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What's your favorite porridge bread recipe? (a failed bread pic attached!)

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What's your favorite porridge bread recipe? (a failed bread pic attached!)


I've just begun my sourdough journey to bake a bread of my youth.

Studying and testing a recipe by recipe, I learned that the taste and texture I want are from the porridge breads.

My first attempt using the Bob's Red Mill's hot cereal (I just happened to have a lot of them) was a huge huge failure.

I made a mistake in every step from planning to baking.

The doughs completely stuck to the newly bought, herringbone-patterned dish towels, dusted with AP flour.

I was so upset when I had to tear it off and just baked it anyways.

It came out flat and ugly, BUT it was surprisingly tasty!!!!

While baking I kept saying that I will never bake a porridge bread again, but after a bite, I changed my mind.

So what is your favorite recipe for porridge bread? :)

Please share some insights. Any advice on baking / handling the sticky dough will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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I like Robinson’s Oat Porridge Bread with the addition of almonds and almond oil a lot.  Here’s a forum post about it. I also made Cedar Mountain’s Khorasan Oat loaf recently (on The Fresh Loaf home page currently).  I was good tasting and a good recipe.  

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That crumb! It seems that most porridge breads are using oat. I love the Robinson's Oat Porridge Bread using a variety of fresh milled grains -- I think I can even smell it. Thanks so much for sharing. Will try both recipes this weekend. Happy baking :)

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I took inspiration from this recipe from FullProof Baking and did a cornmeal porridge bread with shallots/onions/garlic. Yummy! Really moist crumb. 


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How did I miss this video? Your crumb looks so even and scrumptious! 

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are a winning combination. I add other things in as well but I know I’ll get a very tender custardy crumb when I use an oat porridge. 

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 Thanks for the idea! Seems like oat porridge really produce a tasty, moist crumb. I really like all your blog posts on multi-grain breads. They look amazing!