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My husband is laughing at me...

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My husband is laughing at me... I move around the room, iPhone in one hand, freshly baked loaf in another, trying to capture the essence of the bread in the morning light. :D

Loaf in question is a multi-grain date & walnut loaf with 60% whole grains -- a mix of red fife, kamut, spelt, and rye, plus 40% AP/Bread flour (20% each).

Made the levain two nights ago using 25 g bread flour, 25 g freshly ground red fife, 50 g water and 20 g  unfed, cold, 100% hydration whole wheat starter (there are about 10 g of WW in the loaf). Fourteen hours later autolyzed for one hour the remaining flour and most of the water. After an hour I squeezed/folded in the levain and salt w/ the held-back H2O and let rest an hour, after which I stretched and folded the dough in the bowl. 30 minutes later scraped the dough out for a lamination during which I added the walnuts and chopped dates. Performed two more S&Fs over the next 90 minutes, then let it sit another few hours. Bulk fermentation in total was about 6 and 1/2 hours, after mixing in the levain and salt.

When it seemed sufficiently fermented (smoothing out on top, kind of doming over, bubbles/holes evident through the side of the glass bowl) I scraped the dough out onto the counter, letter-folded it, bench rested for 15 minutes, then placed in a banneton which went straight into the refrigerator for 12 hours. Baked this morning in a covered clay baker at 475 F for 25 minutes, then 15 minutes at 450 with the cover off. It sat for more than two hours before being cut.

Ingredients (sorry for the weird formatting):


Date & walnut multigrain sourdough (60% whole grain) 
540 g flour, 400 g water, not including the 10 g each in the starter
Total Dough  gramspercentage 
Red fife, freshly ground 16230% 
Kamut, freshly ground 8115% 
Spelt flour (BRM) 5410% 
Whole rye flour (BRM) 275% 
Bread flour (KA) 10820% 
AP flour  10820% 
Starter   203.7% 
Salt  112% 
Water   40074% 
Toasted walnuts 75*              25% (dates & nuts combined)
Chopped dates 60  
Red fife  25  
Bread flour  25  
water   50  
Cold, unfed starter 20  
Final Dough     
Red fife (fresh ground) 137  
Kamut (fresh ground) 81  
Spelt  54  
Rye  27  
AP  108  
bread flour  83  
Levain   120  
Salt  11  
Water  350* 
Toasted walnuts 75 
Chopped dates 60 
*When mixing the final dough I held back 40 grams of H2O and used 
that to incorporate the levain and salt after the one-hour autolyse.

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That looks really good!   How’s the texture & flavor, I expect good. Nice job!


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Very good, I have no complaints.  :D

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Mini Oven

The photos turned out great too!

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Thanks Mini Oven. My husband knows how lucky he is, since he loves bread (especially mine)!

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Give him a slice. It'll be hard for him to laugh and say, "Wow! That's good," simultaneously. If he tries to, be ready to perform the Heimlich maneuver.

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Beautiful loaf, nothing to laugh at, looks perfect to me.