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45% whole grain walnut bread

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45% whole grain walnut bread

Definitely not my most attractive bread! This bread was 85% hydration, with 35% T85, 10% rye (never done this before), and 55% bread flour. I added 150g of toasted chopped walnuts which was a lot for my 750g of dough to handle. I did a 12% starter inoculation, but also added 50g of yeast water to the dough. I'm not sure if adding the yeast water really made a difference or not. 

I see that the loaf split a bit on the side which I haven't had happen before. I don't know if this is because of a proofing issue or because the dough wasn't shaped/sealed tightly enough. This was my first time making a batard shaped loaf. 


Day 19:00 AMMix levain and let sit for 6-8 hours 
 3:40 PMAutolyse 
 4:40 PM4 min mix of levain and autolyse 
  rest 15 minutes 
 4:55 PMMix in salt and then 4 min mix 
 5:25 PMCoil fold on misted counter 
  Lamination on misted counter 
  Do first set of 3 coil folds in Pyrex 
 9:05 PMPre-Shape loosely 
 9:15 PMshape & leave on counter for 15 min 
 9:30 PMInto fridge 
Day 28:30 AMSit on counter for 50 min while preheating 


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That's an excellent result.  How did the dough feel on shaping?  To my eyes the crumb does not evidence any proofing issues.  Beyond that it's not clear to me why that happened.

T85 is a sifted product so it's not whole grain.  Here's an explanation on extraction if you're not already versed.

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You're right - 45% wholegrain is an overstatement. I suppose if I used 10% rye and 35% T85 then the whole grain percentage is closed to 40% than 45% (10% + (.85*.35)), but my starter was also all whole wheat so it's somewhere between the two. 

I think the split was probably due to a clump of walnuts on the side. This loaf is really chock-full of walnuts which makes it taste amazing, but made it a bit difficult to shape without having a cluster of walnuts tear through the dough.  If I had to guess, the dough probably wasn't shaped completely properly because of the walnut issue and that led to a small crack. It ended up being a great loaf! I'd definitely make it again.