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Skillet breads

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Skillet breads

There's something nice and simple about skillet breads. The whole idea has a homey feel to it. One that I like to bake is a corn bread in which I substitute Masa harina for some of the corn meal. Top decoration can include thin cross-section slices of red and green bell peppers, among other things. A quick bread, it's a 'can't fail' sort of venture with a taste just different enough to be interesting. I also make yeast breads in the frying pan.


Anyone else out there dabbling in this method?

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I pretty much always make corn bread and cobblers in a pre-heated skillet, since you get such a great texture and flavor and it's ridiculously fast and easy. I never have buttermilk so I sub sour cream and milk in my corn bread, I actually like it better than buttermilk anyway. I've made sticky buns in a skillet too, you get a great sauce at the bottom. But that's about it for yeast breads.