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Great British Bake Off - bread!

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Great British Bake Off - bread!

I only just started watching after hearing about it for a couple of years from friends who love it. It's only been shown in the US for a few seasons, so I started with the first one I could find and now I'm watching the current season and I just saw the bread episode last night. This just looks spectacular

And I see it's a fairly common technique. How will I find the time to make everything I want!?!

Has anyone ever made a loaf like this? Tips? Variations?


And then there was the manchego cheese and veggie pull-apart bread! There simply isn't enough time in the day!!!

And any other favorite recipes that inspired you from the show?

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I've never made any bread like that, yet.  Michael's bread sure looks good.

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Mini Oven

but was not satisfied with the resulting weak flavour.  Needed to use more filling or a stronger chocolate nut mixture. I recommend stacking disks of dough directly onto lightly dusted parchment to help with handling. 

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Love this show In fact! I was re-watching some of the the old series on Netflix and relishing in the fact that so many of the bakers were like - oh, of course I have made this before - I make this all the time. Decades of baking experience is what leads to great flavors and interesting combinations. While I do love the contestants as people, they aren't amazingly versatile bakers. They look better than any other cast on Bake Off but that's really not why we watch this.

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I posted about this recently on another (older) thread, so not sure it got much air-time.

I, too, was inspired by GBBS to bake the star bread.  I've made the KAF cinnamon star bread, with the addition of pecans and dried apples, which my DH has renamed "The Cinn-a-bomb" (we loved it).  

I've also tried a pizza-inspired version, with pesto, dried tomatoes, black olives and pepperoni.  Next time I make this one I'll be more generous with the toppings - lots required!  :)

Easy enough, with a ton of "wow" factor.

Here's the pizza bread: