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New flour - a test run

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New flour - a test run

a friend told me of this flour available for a brief time at our local supermarket


Well, another friend made a cakey slice and had real trouble and found the mixture much too wet.  so I decided to proceed with caution.  Hold back some water and bake 2 loaves (600 g each) side by side - one with flour as it and one with 1% added gluten.  I just made standard 1:2:3 doughs.

so here are the doughs at end of mix - autolyse 30 minutes, 100 SLAFs, add salt then another 120 SLAFs. 

dough 1 il Molino flour only

Initially held back 25 g water but added 10 g back to dough and the balance with the salt.  After autolyse dough looked quite unorganised but through the SLAFs became a lovely dough that  lovely smooth and non sticky.

dough 2 - il Molino + 1% gluten

The same process and added all the water. This dough was more extensible , softer and had more bubbles.


Both doughs had 4 sets of coil folds at 45 minute intervals then preshaped

and rested for 30 minutes. Final shaping was 6 hours after mixing. dough 1 on left, dough 2 on the right

Dough was left to proof and this took 1 hour 45 minutes and I then refrigerated dough for another hour 15 minutes (was dinner time) then both baked in preheated (@ 250°c) DOs for 15 mins lid on, 15 mins lid off at 230°c fan. 


crumb shot dough 1

dough 2

This flour made lovely dough and I am really glad I bought a couple of bags, one of which I have stored in the freezer. I am in process of moving so baking has to wait!

Does any one else know this Italian flour? I have never seen this flour before abut hope I can get it in future. I usually add 1% gluten but this flour alone was great!



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Beautiful loaves!!

The crumb looks nice and fluffy I'm already dreaming about dipping it in balsamic and devour the whole loaf in one go!

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Normally I add home milled whole grain but as I haven’t used this flour before I felt I had to see how ir performed alone.  

I worried as it says “soft wheat” and normally that means not bread flour, but a recent post here said Italian Soft Wheat flour was fine for bread.  Now I can agree, it was very nice working this dough.

thanks Hotbake


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The flour works great for bread.  With 9% protein, it must all be the only two kinds that make gluten!  9% is getting down to cake flour! 

Well done and happy baking Leslie

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I completely misread the protein level, thinking it was 11%!  just shows I need to double check things.  I am doubly pleased now as I probably wouldn’t have tried making bread with it, lol.  Today I will try again but mix it about 50% with freshly milled grain, not sure which yet.  This will be a backup bake as I move house in a couple of weeks and still have a huge amount to do. 

You made a good point about the type of protein, thanks dabrownman