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Sourdough Whisperers... help?

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Sourdough Whisperers... help?

Hi TFL Community!

In April I took a sourdough workshop and the instructor challenged us to make the same recipe 50 times to master it. The starter for loaf #44 is currently bubbling away! I've learned so much through this practice but there are a couple things I can't seem to figure out.


1. Every once in a while I get a loaf that is flat, but is perfect crumb inside. Here's a link to an example. 


I'm stumped as to what is causing this. Is it under-proofed? Does my starter need more TLC?

2. Shaping! I have a good method for shaping but my dough can be very sticky. I do a cold over-night proof and in the morning I do a pre-shape, wait 30 minutes and do a final shape. The crust almost always cracks and I'd love to have dough that I could score with pretty designs. 


Welcome your thoughts!

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1. That usually happens with my breads when I don't develop the gluten during mixing enough. So in the end the gluten network isn't strong enough to hold everything together properly. Happens to everyone, really normal.

2. I would rather do an overnight final proof. So first bulk-ferment the dough at room temperature, pre-shape, final shape and then put it into the fridge overnight. 

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Interesting! Simply mixing it more could wrestle that gluten into place?!

I prefer the method you like too, Bani, but this dough is very wet and much easier to shape when it is cold.  

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Do you use one of those big scrapers—made for spreading paint and plaster—with a handle? If not, I suggest you get one. That would help you shape the dough before refrigeration. Check out this video:

See the biggest scraper he’s using. I have one of those. They make dealing with wet dough WAY easier. Also, do you have water on hand? Water can always help you deal with a sticky dough. Wet the scraper and your hands. 

Finally...I can’t say how well this would work, as I’ve never done it...but have you thought of giving the dough a little time in the refrigerator prior to shaping? Take it out of the fridge, Pre-shape, rest, shape, into the basket and then back in the refrigerator for the overnight? That would let you shape chilled dough, but still give it that overnight refrigeration *shaped* and ready to go in the morning. 

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The problem you are experiencing is not so much a sourdough problem as a dough development problem. Use the search box to look up "windowpane". This is a simple test to know if your dough (gluten and starchy gel) are developed enough to have a nice feathery crumb.