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David’s San Francisco Bread

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David’s San Francisco Bread

Back to baking after 3 weeks off. I made David’s bread following his recipe exactly aside from fresh milled flour and the addition of 30 g yogurt. Here is the link:


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Can’t complain! 😊

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Danni those look absolutely perfect including the crumb!


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That looks perfect.  Please describe the flavor.

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said it tasted like sourdough! 😂 Not helpful I know! To be honest, my palate is not refined enough to distinguish all the different flavours. I just know it tastes darn good and nothing like what you buy in the stores. 

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and I am sure that you have the most amazing palate but I can relate what you are saying....When people ask me to describe the smell or taste of my starter and the breads I struggle compared to some of the amazing descriptions people give.......however,  just as you have said the moment you go back to bread from the stores you realize the difference...

When we went on holidays and did not have that much choice, I really had a moment where I appreciated my own bakes and was a good moment as easy to forget...

Happy Baking... Kat


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Nice crumb and I'm sure the taste is fantastic as I know this recipe usually is.

Happy Baking!