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Sourdough Brioche

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Sourdough Brioche

Hello TFLers! I haven't posted for a long time because I was very busy. I just made it through my first year of practicing the noble profession of teaching so to celebrate it, I made a sourdough brioche. 100% sourdough, made with whole eggs and about 70% butter then baked in ensaymada style in ensaymada tins. I wish I have made a brioche à tête shape too given shape of the tins.Though simpler to make, it was still a labor of love; it took 36 hours from start to finish! The dough was wetter and richer in butter; I only kneaded by hand and it feels like baba dough which is usually made in a stand mixer. It was really worth it, so rich yet so light!

Crust was crisp and flaky and the crumb was so soft and light.The crumb was very shreddy and difficult to cut. I was lazy to get my serrated knife that's why crumb appears to be rough and non-uniform. I also used store-bought eggs (would you believe it? Our hens seldom lay eggs these days.) so it didn't have the nice color that I'm used to.

Fragrant and so buttery with a pronounced tang. It's less rich than my ensaymada but if you top this with butter, sugar and cheese; it will be a good ensaymada too. Not too sweet too because of less sugar and the absence of it in the topping. I chose to leave it plain and just eat with jam instead.

Served it with traditional hot chocolate just like the traditional ensaymada pairing. Perfect for this rainy day!

I hoped you enjoyed this post! See you next time!


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Those look wonderful, congrats on your first year of teaching too.


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Thank you Benny!

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teaching keeps your busy. How can you possibly burn off all the calories from those SD brioche and ensaymada otherwise? And oh, you're serving it with a cup of hot chocolate... :) What a dangerous kind of bread to have lying around! If I were to make it, I'd have to give away at least half the batch. 

No knives required btw. It's meant to be torn apart with your hands while warm! My topping of choice would be some form of shredded cheese for sure. Not much beats a sweet & savory combo.

Glad to see a post from you! I hope your hens will start laying eggs again soon.

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Anne-Marie B

So good to see you back here. They look wonderful. Enjoy!

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So happy for you.  What a big accomplishment finishing your first year of teaching.

The bread looks fantastic and I can taste it looking at the buttery crumb!

Best regards,