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Did I figure this hydration correctly?

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Did I figure this hydration correctly?

This recipe/post says what the hydration is in the text, but when you read it closely, it's not completely figured out.

So, can someone who has more experience figuring this out, tell me what you got for a baker's percentage with a couple more notes.

1. I'm using diastatic malt this time (but I don't think that should be figured in?)

2. I grind my own whole wheat flour, so I did not withhold any water to add in during slap and fold. I checked later and I added 40 grams of water

3. My starter is 50/50 water to flour.

If I'm figuring this correctly the baker's percentage is 90.4 percent? Can that be right? it is WET (as can been seen in the crumb shot shown in the post - mine really did look just like that (well, not as good, but CLOSE! :) )

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You are right. Though whole wheat doughs usually have a higher hydration, the hydration seems crazy high (I also get something around 90%). But seems it works. I guess stone ground flour absorbs even more water.


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Melissa, trust me when I say, trust Maurizio! 90% is a moderate hydration for 50% fresh ground flour. I know Maurizio mills and I think you do also.

I just baked Hamelman's Five-Grain Levain and it is 98% hydration. It uses 25% WW, but it also has 34% seeds. The dough is not sloppy at all.

Again, have faith... Trust Maurizio.


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Thanks. I found another calculator and added in all the ingredients and yes, what I figured it correct - except I actually added even a bit more water to add the salt in more easily (like 1-2 tablespoons) so 92-93% hydration is correct. This is my second go at this recipe (with watching a different video for the equivalent to slap and fold) and it turned out great the first time and was easy to do. It might be a beginner recipe, but if this is all the better I get, I'll be happy.

This time, I mixed it by hand. When it's so wet, it's easier! Who needs a mixer for a family-size recipe then? Huh! and I did slap and fold to mix the dough. That feels good and I made fewer dirty dishes.

It's in its bulk ferment now where I'm doing the slap and folds. It's FUN and stress relieving which I really need as today we found out that my mother-in-law broke her foot while boarding the plane a week ago because she fell - which she never told us until today). She's coming home this Friday versus the end of September. She's fine (able to walk, but not good enough for the beach). So, Slap and fold is truly therapeutic!