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My first sourdough bread and I made it with 50/50 freshly milled whole wheat

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My first sourdough bread and I made it with 50/50 freshly milled whole wheat

It's amazing this turned out as I mixed like three recipes to get to this one. NEXT time I will just use the recipe I found after I started this one!

But, I tried so many things new for the first time. First, it was a high hydration sourdough. I had been babying a whole grain sourdough for 2 months and I just today did the bake. It took two full days to do this recipe. That is a LOT OF COMMITMENT, so I was going to cry if it turned out to be a brick!

But, I did it and it's not a brick!

I did an attempt at incorporating more air during shaping, AND I baked it at a higher temperature and used two pans to hold steam. 

It's still slightly warm ( was too impatient to wait to open it up, but it might be too sour. I'll see in the morning and if it is, I know what I can do to fix it for next time.)

Anyway, I'm proud of my first attempt at ANY sourdough and a 50/50 whole grain one at that!


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Hope the flavor is just as good as it looks!

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Wow, great first sourdough bake, high hydration and 50% whole grain, amazing.  You should be proud.


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I should probably calculate the hydration as I'm guessing and I'm still adapting with using more whole grains. When I make this recipe again (or a close version of it), I'll calculate for sure what I'm doing. For now, I will add a bit more water here and there and it is WET.