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Homemade acorn flour and home selling in NY

A. Isaac Rogers's picture
A. Isaac Rogers

Homemade acorn flour and home selling in NY

Greetings all,

I'm not new to the forum, but have only just made an account since I wasn't finding a satisfactory answer elsewhere.

So for the past two or three years, I've harvested from family owned property buckets of acorns and home shucked them, before batch by batch processing them into flour. I absolutely love the stuff and both friends and family (some were buyers) love the stuff as well. 


So my question is, what would it take to sell more widely? Having looked at the legislation I'm not sure what it qualifies as. It would seem to be a processed food, but not prepared. But at the same time I believe NY Cottage law has a restriction for uncooked nuts, but not nut butters or baking mixes.

And furthermore, while it doesn't trouble me much, I tend to live on the sly financially and having my camper certified would be quite expensive I think. Not to mention I doubt it would qualify as I have cats as well. And besides that NY's cottage law would prevent me from selling online or from my home.


All in all it feels like a no win situation. So does anyone have any ideas or clarification to share?

A. Isaac 

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Tyler Dean

Well I live in Norway, Maine, and we were able to get our apartment's kitchen licensed and insured for basically *any baked good that does not need to be stored in the fridge and does not contain meat*. 
We can sell from home, we can sell at events and markets and we can deliver to people.
License was $40 and the insurance to cover up to a million was $270 from Allstate, for one year.
I don't know how radically different your situation is but if a comparison helps, here you go!
I seriously wish you the best of luck because acorn flour sounds amazing!

Have you baked with it?